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Linguistic and cultural trip to Spain courses in Spain

Individual & Group courses in Spain for Schools, Universities, Adults and Professionals:

United Cultures Language School provides an enriching cultural and linguistic experience for students of all ages and language levels. Spanish classes, Cultural Visits, Excursions, and host family living arrangements are some of the aspects of our intensive courses. All programs can be set up through Schools, Universities, travel abroad organizations, or private groups, for credit or non-credit academic courses. Our Linguistic and Cultural Immersions can range anywhere from 1 to 12 weeks based on the needs of each individual or group.

Linguistic and cultural experiences offer a magnificent opportunity to improve Spanish language skills while living in another country and culture. The students can choose to live with a Spanish family or in a residence hall. This experience allows the students to fully immerse themselves into the Spanish culture. Families are chosen specifically for each student and there is only one student permitted per household. Each experience offers a custom designed itinerary including the opportunity including the option to explore other Spanish cities and take part in cultural excursions.

Being part of a Spanish host family is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved. It allows the student not only to have a full cultural and linguistic immersion, but also the chance to make a lifelong international friendship. Students will spend time with their host family, participating in their daily activities, and therefore getting to know the normal Spanish routine, customs and lifestyle.

Courses and Cultural Excursions can be adapted to the needs of each group.

Course Options

Spanish Language for all levels, Spanish History, Spanish Literature, Traditional Spanish Music, Spanish Cooking Workshops, and Spanish Education (designed for those studying to be Spanish teachers).

Cultural Excursion Options

  • Guided tour of Valladolid, city´s Tour Bus, and entrances to various museums.
  • Castle Route (Discover Castile and Leon´s majestic castles with a history expert tour guide. We have various routes to choose from.)
  • Guided visit to the Medieval Town of Segovia, University city of Salamanca, walled cities of Avila or Urueña, or other beautiful and historic cities in the region
  • Guided tour of the Wine Museum, Town and Castle of Peñafiel
  • Wine Cellar Tours and Meals

Valladolid is a city located about two hours north of Madrid, in the center of Spain. It is 1 ½ hours from the border of Portugal (by car) and 2 ½ hours south of the Cantabrian Sea. Valladolid has around 350,000 inhabitants and is a University city. It is located in the province of Valladolid and in the Autonomous Community of Castille and León. Valladolid has a Cathedral, ancient churches, museums such as the Christopher Columbus House-Museum (where he lived and died), National Sculpture Museum, and The Cervantes House Museum (author of Don Quijote), a huge park in the middle of the city known as the Campo Grande, beautiful fountains, daily in and outdoor marketplaces, tapas and as in the rest of Spain, streets filled with people and life. Near Valladolid, you can visit historic cities like Salamanca and Segovia, as well as Castles from centuries back and Medieval villages.

For more information, please contact:
Heather Espeso, B.A., M.E.D., Director
Telephone: (+34) 983 846 547
Email :
Facebook: United Cultures S.L.