Information on being a Host Family in the USA for foreign students and teachers

Host family opportunities

Introduce a new member into your family & culture!

Hosting an international student for 2 to 12 weeks has many benefits including the opportunity to make lifelong, international friendships, learn more about the world, and instill the values of giving and caring as well as contribute to cultural understanding. Students are normally ages 11+.

All of the students that participate in our program are very excited about this amazing opportunity to improve English skills while being part of an American family. They have to be accepted into the program through a formal interview process which they go through together with their parents. They have to be mature enough to participate in this type of cultural and linguistic immersion experience. Students are given preparatory classes to prepare them for their time abroad. During their stay, they must adapt to their host family’s schedule, normal routine and daily activities. Students must help out around the house, respect and obey all host family and program rules and expectations.  Families are expected to include the students in their normal routine and activities. Let them be a part of their family, give them love, care, and three meals a day.

The students come with all necessary travel, medical and liability insurance, as well as a power of attorney as they are minors of age. The students are allowed to travel within the U.S. and Canada and participate in most any activity. Teachers are on-call 24 hours during the stay to support both our student and our host families.



For more information, please contact:
Heather Espeso, Director
Telephone: (+34) 983 846 547
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