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United Cultures offers English Instruction Internships as well as Internships in International Student Exchange Programs and Business Administration for a 1-3 month period at our linguistic center located in Valladolid, Spain.

United Cultures Language School offers fun, practical, and interactive classes for children and adults ages 3+. It has courses for all language levels and offers classes in small groups. The classes are based on conversation, not on grammar exercises or book work and the activities consist of fun, natural, and practical English that is useful in our students´ daily lives.

English Instruction Interns will participate in classes of all ages and levels as well as help prepare lesson plans. They will attend teacher meetings to discuss classes, activities and lesson plans. All interns will help with the International Exchange Program which accepts International students for linguistic and cultural immersion courses. Interns working in Administration will help with the organization of our center including office work, communication, and publicity. Interns coming for International Student Exchange Programs will dedicate their hours to said program.

Interns can live free of cost with a Spanish family creating a full immersion into the Spanish culture and language, or they can choose to pay for a student residence or apartment.

Cultural Exchange Program
Linguistic immersion

Stays from 1 to 3 months
Family Immersions

*Interns pay for their own travel arrangements (plane ticket, bus, etc…), medical insurance, and registration fee ($200-$400). All interns should bring a gift for his or her host family.


In United Cultures we do Spanish-English and English-Spanish translations of documents.